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Terms of Service

Goods Prohibited;

Services shall NOT be provided for the transportation of any goods prohibited by Ontario law, dangerous goods and/or hazardous materials which are subject to regulation set out by IATA (International Air Transport Association), ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), and/or the Canada Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act.

Perishable, Fragile, Personal Effects & other Thermal-sensitive items;
Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. do not provide protective service for the transportation of Items considered to be personal effects, fragile and perishable, this include items that are liquid and/or items requiring protection from heat and/or cold. Such items will be accepted for delivery solely at the consignor's risk for any damage occasioned by exposure to heat, cold and/or any other risks.

Right of Inspection & Reweigh;
Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. and the affiliated carriers reserve the right to open and inspect any shipment assigned to it for transportation and reweigh shipments. Regardless of the weight declared on the shipping document, the weight determined by Swift Couriers Inc and/or its affiliate will deem to be accurate and may apply for the reassessment of rates. In Such cases, the client acknowledges that their credit card will be charged the difference between the actual weight and the dimensional weight once that data has been recorded and/or provided by its affiliate.

Packaging & Labelling;
Packages must be packed and/or wrapped properly with the complete delivery address indicated on the package. Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. will accept non-packaged goods at its courtesy, providing the packages will not pose any danger to the driver or any other freight on board. The customer accepts that they are risking possible damage to shipments by shipping without packaging and/or poorly packed items and will not hold Swift Couriers Inc responsible for such liabilities. Additional handling charges may apply for unpackaged and/or poorly packaged items/shipments. In addition attempt charges may also apply once driver is scheduled for pick up and items are not ready and/or packaged for pick up.

Third party billing;
This service only applies to clients who are in good standing. However additional charges may apply when a shipper requires Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. to Invoice a third party or consignee. The shipper must mark the way-bill correctly for this service and inform our customer service representative of such. Regardless of this, shipper agrees to pay all charges incurred in the event the consignee and/or third party fail to pay. Swift Couriers Inc reserves the right to any legal proceedings and remedies available to it.

Loss and/or damage;
The Maximum Value and/or declared value per package is no more than $ 500.00 unless otherwise specified in writing. The maximum liability for Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. is $ 50.00 or the lesser of $ 0.25 Per Pound unless otherwise agreed in writing between the shipper and Rate2Ship and/or Swift Couriers Inc. Any claims made must be in writing the lesser of 15 days from the day of the shipment or within 48 hours of delivery. Swift Couriers Inc may request for further details in this regard. All Insured shipments subject to $ 500.00 deductible unless otherwise agreed in writing. Swift Couriers Inc does not provide any liability coverage against envelope shipments.

Extra Charge

Waiting time charge;
An extra charge for waiting will apply for every 15 minute interval a driver has to wait for either a pick up or delivery of a shipment. Refer to your price schedule for costs.

Attempt charge
An extra charge for Attempt will apply for all shipments that were scheduled for pick but were not picked up either because shipment was not ready for pick up, not properly packaged, item scheduled for pick up and actual item to be picked up are two very different items, address defined incorrectly for commercial and/or residential. Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. will do its best to try and accommodate such shipments at its courtesy.

Automatic Billing / Pre-authorized payments.
All payments (credit cards) will be enrolled into automatic billing and will be charged the quoted and/or estimated amount only until actual charges / fees / rates have be assessed. Separate payments may be processed in order to complete payment for services and/or Invoice. For more details please refer to Right of Inspection & Reweigh / Packaging & Labelling.

For Clients with an account in good standing will be billed weekly and payments can be made via Cheque, Bank draft and/or Visa/MasterCard - An administrative fees of 23.99% applies for all late payment past the due date.

Cancellation & Refunds
All shipments/orders placed on account, the adjustments will be made accordingly, although not all shipments may qualify for a 100% refund once a driver has been assigned and/or dispatched. Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. may deduct up to 75.00% of the shipment cost or to a maximum of $25.00 for attempted pickups up.

For shipments placed and cancelled before pick up has been scheduled, a 10% processing fee may apply for payments processed via Credit Cards. For more information, speak with your sales rep. (The same rule applies to non a/c holders)

Shipment Hold / Release
Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. may hold your shipment where payment has not been received in full and only release on completion of payment or its discretion. In the event that no payment has been made within a reasonable time, Swift Couriers Inc reserves the right to discard and/or sell items in possession in order to complete payment. Upon selling of the items in possession, any balance and/or payments received in access of the due amount will be reimbursed to shipper and whereas there is a shortfall on the balance, shipper will be held liable for the difference.

Incorrect Address and/or return of items;
Any items returned because of incorrect address, incorrectly defined address for commercial and/or residential and/or any other reason, an additional charge will apply to re-ship the item back to the shipper. However if the address is incorrect for any reason, Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. will make an attempt in locating the correct address and for whatsoever reason we are unable to locate the correct address, shipper will be notified of the surrounding circumstances for further instructions (additional charges may apply).

International Undeliverable Shipments
Shipments that are refused by consignee and/or for whatsoever other reason cannot be delivered, items will be held and the shipper will be contacted for further instructions. If shipper is unreachable, Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. will re-attempt to contact the shipper for further instructions and when there is no communication at all; items may be returned to shippers address at a cost or disposed and/or destroyed.

Export Documentation & payment of Additional Expenses;
It is the shipper responsibility to provide all the required documentation for customs clearance, except for envelopes which don't require export document. By providing these documents, the shipper agrees that all information provided relating to exportation and importation is true and correct. There are civil and criminal penalties including the forfeiture and sale of the shipment that may be imposed for making false or fraudulent statements. Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. claims no liability. Any additional charges incurred as a result of action by Customs for whatsoever reason including permits, duty, tax, customs clearance, bonds & drawbacks. Shipper complies and agrees to pay for all charges

Third Party Shipper;
Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. may occasional use a third party to ship items on their behalf and shipper hereby agrees to all terms and conditions as set out by the third party. In the event a claim needs to be made for damaged shipment, delay in transit or whatsoever other reason, all claims must be made directly with the third party shipper.

Proof of delivery can be verified and/or obtained by using the tracking # provided and/or by contacting us. Extra Charges may apply for signature/signed deliveries or other forms for proof of delivery than the online service.

Service Guarantee;
In the event Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. fails to complete delivery or attempt delivery, within the time commitment, the shipper will be entitled to claim partial credit of the shipment's transportation charges. However on-time guarantee service is subject to the following conditions;

All packages in the shipment must be properly packed and/or addressed, destination point qualifies for the service commitment from point of origin, and Swift Couriers Inc must be made aware of the required service at the time of order and must be confirmed by Swift Couriers Inc in writing prior to pick up and/or delivery of the shipment. Swift Couriers Inc provides no on-time guarantee for shipments outside of North America. The on-time delivery guarantee does not apply to shipments which are delayed due to circumstances beyond the control of Swift Couriers Inc including but not limited to, refusal of a person to accept delivery of shipment, delays caused by shipper, customs and clearance, government authorities. Riots, act of God, strikes and other circumstances beyond our control. Swift Couriers Inc is not financially responsible for failure to deliver shipment by a stipulated time.

Future Changes;

Rates and charges are subject to change without prior notice.

Client upon accepting services from Rate2Ship "(the site)" and/or Swift Couriers Inc. either by prepaying for services in advance or by holding an account acknowledge that he/she has read and is in complete agreement with the above terms & conditions.

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